Red Sea Max C-Series

The complete close top coral reef fully featured REEF-SPEC systems

Red Sea’s all new Max C-Series coral reef systems combine modern elegant design with fully featured Reef-Spec lighting, filtration and circulation systems.

The Reef Spec design supports the needs of the most delicate SPS corals without the necessity for additional equipment, making successful reef keeping easier than ever before.


Max C-Series Rear Sump

The Max C-Series aquariums are divided into 2 parts, Aquarium and the Rear Sump that discretely houses all of the filtration and circulation systems. The MAX® C-Series sumps contain multistage filtration consisting of  protein skimmer, activated carbon and mechanical filter materials. The sump has dedicated space available for additional chemical filter media as well as the addition of a chiller.


Detachable Surface Skimmer

 The water flows from the aquarium to the rear sump via a detachable surface skimmer (1) located across the top of the dividing glass wall that directs the organics laden water from the upper surface of the tank into the sump. Each section of the surface skimmer is detachable for easy maintenance.


In Cabinet Power Center

The power center for the MAX® C-Series has been relocated to a convenient position within the cabinet. The 7 channel power centre operates all of the stock items as well as providing at least 2 spare switched outlets for optional equipment such as a chiller. Safety features include a splash cover over the power outlets as well as a built in circuit breaker for overload or short circuit protection.


Red Sea Max 130

610 x 500 x 1440

Red Sea Max 250

960 x 555 x 1520

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