Fluval Aquariums

Fluval Chi


Available in two sizes

19L – 31.25 x 25.4 x 25.4cm

25L – 40.6 x 25.4 x 25.4cm

Inspired by the Chinese Chi philosophy, Fluval® Chi helps stimulate the essence of Chi-inspired values such as life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive. The calming aquatic setting creates a profound sensory and spiritual experience by combining the soothing sound and motion of bubbling water with ambient illumination.

Elegantly-designed, this contemporary-looking aquatic centerpiece is the perfect addition to your home or office.


Fluval Edge


Available in two sizes

23Lt & 46Lt

Stylish and contemporary, Fluval® EDGE aquariums are unique three-dimensional water cubes that bring stunning aquatic visual effects and serenity to modern settings.

Perfect for homes or offices, EDGE’s clean and compact design makes it a beautiful addition to areas where space is limited or in low-light areas begging for visual excitement. EDGE brings life to areas such as countertops, barren walls, or desks. Its uncluttered, tidy design allows a clear panoramic view, thanks to a unique equipment module that holds and conceals all essential equipment–even the wiring is cleverly hidden.

EDGE includes a low-voltage, retractable halogen lighting system that casts shimmering light suitable for aquatic plants. A sealed glass top provides high definition viewing, and an overhead ventilation grill dissipates lighting heat, preventing moisture and reducing maintenance. A removable cover allows easy aquarium and filter access. And EDGE comes with a powerful filter 3-stage aquarium filter that maintains clear water and a healthy environment for fish and plants.

The Fluval® EDGE aquarium kit includes:
– 2 x 10-watt Low Voltage Halogen Lighting system
– EDGE Clip-On Power Filter
– 30 mL Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner
– 30 mL Nutrafin Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement
– Aquarium Care Guide

Fluval Spec

specAvailable in two sizes

Spec 3 – 10Lt

Spec 5 – 19Lt

Fluval Spec is a contemporary-looking aquarium designed for small areas such as desktops and counter-tops. This 10 Liter etched-glass aquarium with aluminum trim combines style and functionality in one small package.
Though small in stature, Fluval Spec is big on features.
It comes with a sleekly-designed overhanging lighting system, consisting of 31 powerful LED lamps, that arches above the aquarium to provide brilliant illumination for plants and décor.
The aquarium includes a powerful circulation pump with adjustable output nozzle and a large 3-stage filtration system that provides more than enough filtration for ultra clean and clear water.
It also comes with all the necessary filter media: a porous foam block with convenient handle, activated carbon, and BioMax bio rings for effective and thorough mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.
The pump and filtration system are conveniently located in a separate chamber at one end of the aquarium to simplify maintenance.

Fluval Accent


Fluval Accent 95Lt

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